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The ins and outs of employee performance evaluation

20 December 2018

Have you ever thought about why organizations conduct employee performance evaluations? Perhaps you’ve wondered what the point is? Maybe you’ve even considered it to be a waste of time? But, the reality is quite the opposite. Employee performance evaluations are used as an evaluation process and a communication tool that is of utter importance to an organization's success.   At the core of an organization's success are its employees and their capability. Of course, you need to recruit

How To Do Effective Performance Evaluation

13 December 2018

Employee performance evaluations are one of the most crucial factors contributing to business success. However, it’s an often stressful situation for those in charge, who have to monitor and keep track of progress, and give accurate feedback without having a negative impact on employee morale. The truth is, both managers and employees often dread performance evaluations. Managers are reluctant to give critical feedback and find the preparation time-consuming, while employees might feel like they are

Six ways regular performance reviews will benefit your business

09 December 2018

   The performance review process is an essential part of every organization. It’s a useful management tool that helps to give feedback, review and estimate whether an employee's performance is effective, and to discuss areas of improvement going forward. Performance reviews benefit both managers and employees and provide useful information for the company and its people, that can’t be acquired from any other source. A well-defined performance review process that is built on

7 Online HR Tools to Improve Employee Management

21 March 2016

Every business has its own specific set of problems when it comes to managing employees, but not all businesses are using the right tools to deal with these problems. There are so many great tools online that HR managers can use to increase productivity, keep employees happy, and more. The best part is that these tools are either completely free for you to use, or they offer free trial periods to see if these are the tools for you. Let’s take a look at seven of the best online HR tools that you can