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How to differentiate performance management from performance appraisal

18 February 2019

The terms performance appraisal and performance management are typically used interchangeably. In reality, however, while they do have some similarities, they certainly aren’t the same. Understanding how these two concepts are different, but also relate to each other is a key learning factor for the HR and talent management professionals of today.   Performance management consists of the following steps; identify, measure, manage and develop. This process is followed for the overall performance

Do annual employee performance reviews impact on customer experience?

04 February 2019

It’s no secret that most employees don’t look forward to their annual employee performance reviews. In the HR community, the topic of employee performance reviews and how effective they are is up for much discussion. Some claim that it’s an efficient and necessary process, but its methods need to be revamped, while others argue that its an out-of-date and counter-productive exercise that is essentially a waste of time.   So how effective is the review process and what impact does it

Performance review from the employee’s point of view

25 January 2019

Performance reviews play a big role in the success of any business, whether big or small. They make up a crucial aspect of the employee experience. It’s a way for employers to evaluate how an employee is performing in their role and gives them the opportunity to give feedback. Performance reviews are also an excellent opportunity to nurture and develop the employee-employer relationship and improve communication levels.   However, for many employees performance reviews are a very much dreaded

Positive effects of anonymous job applications

21 January 2019

One of the major employment trends in the United States, Canada, and Europe is the practice of anonymous job applications. This process first began in many countries in the European Union and following its success has since expanded to other nations. The ultimate goal is to make way for bias-free hiring by means of anonymity.   While the actual impact of anonymous job applications is not yet known, the idea of this process has been supported both in theory and in practice. It’s a well-known fact

The growing pains of a small business

27 December 2018

Growing a small business isn’t an easy task. But, learning how to grow your business isn’t just a notable goal, it’s often a necessity for your business’s survival and economic well-being. Almost all companies strive for growth, regardless of size. Small companies want to get big, and big companies want to get bigger. In reality, all companies have to grow at least a little every year to keep up with increased expenses that occur over time.   Growing from a start-up to a small