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The Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys

25 July 2019

How happy and engaged are your employees? If you don’t know the answer to this question then it’s probably about time to think about introducing employee engagement surveys. Why, you might ask? As it happens, engaged employees are the foundation of every successful company.   Employee engagement surveys aren’t a new concept, but they are becoming more popular than ever before. It seems an increasing number of companies are starting to realize how important it is to know what can

Effective Employee Retention strategies

24 July 2019

A successful business requires consistency in all areas, including employees. Having a high retention rate means that an organization is able to keep team members on a long-term basis. This means that less time and resources are required for training new employees, and let’s not forget about the importance of loyalty.   The retention of motivated and positive employees is essential to the success of every organization. You can’t expect to build a successful company if your employees are

Returning to work (Career Break) - Employees point of view

21 June 2019

Whether you’ve taken time off from your career to begin a family, been out of the workplace following a redundancy, or taken a break to travel the world, there is no reason why you can’t jump right back into the job market as soon as you’re ready to. Going back to work after a significant break can be very daunting. You may feel anxious about starting a new job or worry that your skills are not up to scratch because a lot has changed since you’ve been away from the

Career Breaks: How employers can support work returners

20 June 2019

Both men and women take career breaks for various reasons. Whether it be to travel the world, start a family, or take care of an elderly parent, career breaks are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. These days, employers tend to offer more generous parental leave policies and other family-related benefits to help workers to better manage their work-life balance.   So while a number of employers are providing opportunities for their workers to take some personal time off, there’s now

Building positive relationships in the workplace

29 May 2019

Did you know that according to research, people who have a best friend at work are up to seven times more likely to be engaged in their job? But, it doesn’t have to be a best friend. It can even just be a colleague that you have a good relationship with. Effective interpersonal relationships form the foundation for success and satisfaction with your job and career. The fact is, work relationships can positively and negatively affect your job satisfaction level, as well as promotional opportunities,